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Fruits & Vegetable Cutting Machine
If you are tired of chopping your fruits and vegetables from that boring, not too sharp knife then we have a solution in the form of our vast array of specifically configured Fruits and Vegetable Cutting Machines.
Fruit and Vegetable Drying Production Line
To give fruits and vegetables a long lasting and nutritional quality we have introduced an immense range of strategically structured Fruit and Vegetable Drying Production Line. The line includes a complete facility for receiving, processing and production of dried fruit and vegetable up to packaging.
Frozen French Fries Machine
Potato chips are loved by one and all so to supply superior quality of chips we are offering an excellently designed Potato Chip Washing and Cutting machine. It properly washes the fresh potatoes and then smoothly cut them in uniform and clean pieces.
Fresh Meat Slicer
Cut up chicken, duck, fish and rabbit effortlessly with our spread out type of Poultry Cutter Dicers. The special smooth cutting blades helps you cut pieces accurately and neatly without tearing the skin.
Ginger Cutting Machine
Add an exotic flavor to your delicious food by adding freshly chopped ginger slices from our exclusive set of Ginger Slicer. The thin and sharp blades saves your time and allows you to do experimental cooking.
Fish Filleting Machine
Our outspread assortment of Medium Size Fillet Machines will aid you in cutting the fillets of fishes in neat portion sized pieces. The machine work efficiently and effectively and helps in time management.
Automatic Weighting and Packing Machine
Everyone wants there yummy packed food to stay warm till its reaches their home and to assist in this we are presenting perfectly built Fast Food Box Sealing Machine. Its seals the food box properly leaving no space for the warm air to escape.
Industrial Fruit Pulping Juice Machine
We all know the discomfort that everyone has to face while peeling onions, therefore we are proposing a wide range of Onion Peeling Machines. These machines have sharp blades that makes the onion peeling process an easy task.
Garlic Peeling Machine
Peeling numerous garlic for your master dish can really be a time taking and dull task but with our Garlic Separating Machine make it a quite interesting and time saving job.
Pineapple Skin Peeling Machine
Pineapple Skin Peeling Machines help you peel the pineapple effectively, efficiently and effortlessly. It is designed keeping in mind all the safety measures. The machines are easy to use and maintain.
Vegetable Blanching Machine
Our whole new set of Blanching Machines helps in the cooking process in food processing. It stops enzyme actions which can cause loss of flavor, color and texture. The machine cleanses the surface of dirt and organisms, brightens the color and helps retard loss of vitamins.
Fruit Vegetable Bubble Washing Machine
We are trading in varieties of Vegetable Washing Machine to maintain the nutritional value of vegetables and removal of harmful germs and bacterias from them. The Machine is considered to be a suitable candidate for removing pesticides from vegetables.
Frozen French Fries Making Machine
French Fries are the key element of every party and are loved by everyone and to serve hot and crisp french fries we are providing a vast spectrum of Frozen French Fries Making Machine.